Disney College Program: Apartment Tour

August 23, 2017

Well I'm finally officially living in Florida again! I checked in to my college program on Monday and I think I'm pretty much done unpacking, so I wanted to share my apartment with you guys!
Kourtney and I unfortunately got split from the other girls we wanted to live with, so we're in a 1 bedroom 3 person apartment in Patterson Court. Which kinda sucked at first BUT a 3rd roommate never moved in so it's pretty nice.
(I picked out this tapestry on Society6 but bought it on Amazon for A LOT cheaper)
We still have some decorating that we can do, but my goal was to make it more home-y than the apartment I lived in on my last program, and it's already a lot better than that!
We have two vanities; mine is in the bathroom and Kourtney's is in our room. Our bathroom has a door to our bedroom and a door to the rest of the apartment. Which is going to make getting ready in the morning so much easier! 
Unfortunately we did get bunk beds, Kourtney took the bottom bunk and hasn't decorated yet but we have plans to make it look really cute. Hopefully that top bunk will stay empty for a while though.
Here's my side of the room! My bedding is from Target and I made the wall hanging myself (thank you Pinterest!) I barely decorated on my last program and they took the big cork boards out of the apartments, so I love how it turned out! 
And obviously I had to bring Eleven with me! Also my bedside table will probably never be this neat again so I needed to post what it looks like now. 
Overall I love living in Patterson, it's a lot more quiet than Chatham was and the apartment is honestly really nice. 
And the pool is BOMB. 

How early is too early to decorate for Halloween? Let me know in the comments! 

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