Disney College Program: Dear New CP's

June 18, 2018

I’ve made a post like this before about preparing and starting your Disney College Program. It was simple and more about the logistical stuff, but now that I’m a 2 time washed up alumni, I want to be more real with you. So pull down on your lap bar, and get ready, cause I'm feeling nostalgic.
Dear new CP’s,
CONGRATULATIONS! Seriously, you’ve been accepted to an extremely competitive internship program and now you get to eat, sleep, and breathe Disney. The hard part is over, you’ve survived the interview process, you’ve read my post on how to pack, and you’re here! Now it gets real. So I’m gonna tell you some of the things I wish people had told me before I started both of my college programs.
First of all, I'm going to be 100% honest with you. I need you to realize that not every day is going to be the most amazing day, and that’s okay! Florida weather, long training weeks, unhappy guests - it's all gonna happen. And while “a bad day in Disney is better than a good day anywhere else”, there are going to be days where you are going to cry, miss home, wanna rip your hair out, or just not get out of bed. There are also days where you wont believe that this is your real life. Days where everyone you meet is amazing, and the pixie dust is STRONG. As with any job, there are highs and lows but luckily for you, you have an advantage - your DCP Family.
You may not realize it at the time, but I promise you will create your own Florida Family. They’re an amazing support system full of people who are either going through the same thing, or have already gone through it. Seriously, I never would have made it through my Christmas shifts without my MouseGear family.
To be honest, the College Program is evil. It forces you to create these amazing friendships and bonds with people from all over the world. You’re all experiencing this weird and wonderful world together, the kind of weird and wonderful that you can’t really understand until you’ve been in the middle of it.
Example: you're all working 36-40 hours a week in one of the most iconic places in the world, dealing with some of the most amazing and most difficult guests, working harder than you’ve ever worked, playing with bubble wands, dancing with characters, and then you're all gonna go to Ale House IN COSTUME after work for margarita pitchers and $5 apps, only to be surrounded by tables full of other in-costume cast members from the parks and resorts. But this is normal, trust me.
It’s weird. It’s amazing. I miss it every day.
So my advice for you as you start your program? Embrace the weird and awkward. If you have a car, offer to drive people home after work in your first few weeks! That’s how I met my best friend. Make a group chat for the CP’s in your work location, you don’t have to be best friends with everyone but be involved* with the people you work with! *(but also do your best to stay out of drama, cause it will happen).
Make weird traditions; get dressed up one day and just take tons of pictures, go see the Frozen Sing A Long for the 25th time that month, eat giant slices of pizza in Disney Springs.. I could honestly make a list of all the little traditions that my friends and I made, (and one day I might make a post about it).
But the biggest tip I can give you is to keep in touch with these people once the internship is over! Make travel plans to visit people and stick to them! Have FaceTime dates, keep each other updated on your lives. I promise is makes the post-dcp depression far less painful.
So was this an excuse to talk about my friends? Probably. But like I said, you’ll understand where I’m coming from when your program is over. I’m going to try and keep making posts about the things I wish people told me before my internships, but for now I’m going to leave you with this last bit of advice:
Don’t wear your blue ID/cast lanyard around the parks PLEASE.   


Falling Back In Love With Boston: Part One

June 13, 2018

I fell head-over-heels in love with Orlando during my internships. I never wanted to leave and found myself dreading even the thought of moving home, like it was a prison sentence. Which is totally insane considering I come from a pretty amazing place. Growing up in a small town in Massachusetts, and going to school just outside of the city, I’ve come to realize that I have been taking Boston for granted. So my mission this year is to be a tourist in my own city as much as possible. I want to find new places, meet new people, and try the “touristy crap” I’ve avoided for years. While we may not have world famous theme parks, and amazing weather all the time like Florida, Massachusetts has plenty of things to brag about too. 

To start this series, I want to show you one of my new favorite spots in the city that I discovered this weekend! *(I will admit now that I was too busy having fun that I forgot to take a ton of pictures so bear with me)

 One of my coworkers from Frontierland was in town visiting before she moves back to Australia so I of course had to show her around the city.
We started the day in the Commons, walked up Newbury, back down Boylston, we stopped at a farmers market in Copley Square and then made our way to Quincy Market to grab a quick bite to eat before heading home. We chose to take the T to Government Center because we were feeling lazy from walking everywhere else, and that was how we stumbled upon the The Wachusett Brew Yard at the Patios in City Hall Plaza. 
At first we just thought the Boston wall outside was cute to take pictures in front of (of course), and it was only about 3:45, so the bar wasn’t open yet. We ended up just going in to see what it was.
I was instantly obsessed. 
I don’t even know how to explain why I loved it so much. The decor was like every “dream backyard” I’ve pinned on Pinterest, the bar was an old converted airstream trailer, even the layout was perfect, and never felt too crowded even when the line was out the door. 
I’m not a beer drinker, so when we first got there I was a little disappointed that the menu was mostly different Wachusett beers, BUT I fell in love with the spiked rose Nauti Seltzer! It was light and fruity, practically made for day drinking on a patio or beach. 
We ended up meeting some new people and stayed for a few hours just talking and enjoying the amazing summer weather. Spontaneous afternoons like that are always the best and getting to experience something new in a city I’ve been to so many times was perfect. 
I'm more excited than ever to explore little places like this in the city this summer, and I hope you are too! 


Where Have I Been?

June 02, 2018

HELLO FRIENDS! Long time no see! Remember when I said the College Program is crazy busy? I think the fact that my last post was a Christmas playlist and it’s currently JUNE is the best proof I can give you of that. BUT I’M BACK and I’m so so excited to fill you in on everything that’s happened in the last 6 freaking months!
First update; I’m back in Massachusetts. My college program ended about a month ago and I’m back to living at home. So what happened? Well, the most simple explanation is that I’m broke. While I was planning on staying in Orlando past my internship, I quickly realized that it wouldn’t be the most financially responsible thing to do, (adulting is hard ya’ll).

So what am I doing now? Good question. I would say that if my life were a romantic comedy, I’m currently in the “my life is a mess but I’m working on it” montage that always plays out before something big and amazing happens. I just recently accepted a job as a key holder at one of my favorite stores, but I’m also actively applying and interviewing for a “big girl job”. And I’m (hopefully) going to be back to creating content for you guys on a regular basis!

The only thing I’m asking of you guys, is to bear with me for a bit while I make the transition from my Disney life, to my “normal” life. I’m still going to post about my college program, I have a lot of things I want to tell you about, but I also want to start posting more about some other things that are going on in my life.
I can’t thank you guys enough for sticking with me, following my posts, and not totally giving up on me, even though I’ve been gone for a while. And I hope you’re as excited as I am for what’s to come!