Disney College Program - Hurricane Irma

September 12, 2017

So I left Massachusetts to avoid blizzards and snow, but I think bad weather follows me everywhere I go. Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you know that Hurricane Irma hit Florida this weekend and it was real interesting. 
I had never been in the middle of a hurricane before, but all week I kept telling people that I was looking at it like a blizzard back home - I wasn't going to panic until important people (Disney) started to panic. I'm so lucky to have so many family and friends reaching out to me all weekend to check in but this is my favorite text ever from my aunt and 7 year old cousin: 
They announced that the parks and resorts would be closing early Saturday night and all day Sunday and Monday. I closed EPCOT on Saturday where we had to prep the store for the storm and I signed up for the resort ride out crew to assist guests staying on property but I wasn't picked. 
So Kourtney, Chelsea, Marigny and I camped out in our apartment for two days and waited out the storm. It was great because it was the perfect distraction from what was happening outside and it was nice to have two days off to do absolutely nothing but watch movies and eat snacks. 
We took all of our mattresses out of our room to have a big slumber party in the living room and slept right through the eye of the storm 
In the morning the sun was shining and we went out to see what the apartment complex looked like and while there were plenty of missing shutters, down trees and TONS of leaves and branches everywhere, MY CAR SURVIVED! 
Then all we could do was wait for the Orange County curfew to be lifted so we could get out of the apartment and go have one of the most interesting meals of my life at Waffle House.
So we survived and it's back to business as usual today. The parks are open again, I'm going back to work and I honestly can't wait for things to be normal again. It's been a long week for sure. 

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  1. My brother lives in Florida too, he's in Jupiter though, so wasn't in an evacuation zone or anything. But all's safe there. Also the Disney College Program sounds like so much fun, I have had a couple of friends go through it. Enjoy your time there!

  2. Glad you made it safe through the storms!! Seems like a super cool program!

  3. OMG! I hope everyone recovers from the natural disaster. Disney College program sounds like an awesome program. :)


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